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Located in the historic El Paseo complex in the Presidio neighborhood, Wine Cask is surrounded by a many other restaurants yet, it stands out with its attention to detail, and the independent and entrepreneurial spirit of its owners, who are very hands-on in their approach. They like to be present and enjoy working with their team. Together, they have created a truly innovative and epicurean menu.
— Southern California Homes
Wine Cask pairs impeccable food with a romantic courtyard setting. The expansive cellar accentuates Central Coast selections.
— Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Later that evening, I take my seat at the communal high-top table inside Wine Cask Restaurant. I am served a plate decorated with one large prawn, fiddleheads (the fronds of a young fern), roasted hearts of palm, turnip puree and delicate zucchini blossoms I’d selected at the farmers market. The blossoms retained the complete shape of both flower and stem, yet crunched and melted in your mouth, finishing with a burst of extra-virgin olive oil. The lavender buds I spied earlier that day took the form of an infusion in a decadent creme brulee. The meal was regional, sustainable and delicious beyond words.
— The Bay State Banner
Wine Cask restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara (and less than a 15-minute drive from Stearns Wharf) is an elegant gem and local favorite that is well-versed in the art of dining and has access to top-quality local produce and excellent wines.
— Wine Spectator
…That means Van Kralingen isn’t beholden to any particular style, so long as the results are good and, of course, work well with wine.
— -Santa Barbara Independent